It’s a New Year ~ Off to a great start!


Aj @ The Cave 2015

Aj @ The Cave 2015


So far the Cave has been hopping!  Lot’s of folks gettin’ their groove on.  Not naming names, but I am very thankful for those who trust me to help them make their music available for all to hear.  It’s a huge responsibility, and huge investment in time and money and I do not take that responsibility lightly.  Come tour the Cave and check it out.  This is the year!  Making it happen!

Lucky Losers rockin’ The Cave!

Lucky Losers

Great group of musicians.  Cathy Lemons is one of my hero’s.  She never gives up, always focused on her art and not afraid to succeed. Tenacious and patient.  She’s a bright light, a beacon of the Blues.  The band is tight and professional.  We had fun!  You should come have fun too!  Making records is the future!  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.  The Lucky Losers rawk!  Peace out y’all!

Chris Bigford and Running With Scissors Release


The Cave Recording Studio Record Label is proud to be releasing this record, “Ain’t Got Time” by Chris Bigford and The Running With Scissors Band. We are shooting for an April/June Release date.  Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to finalizing the packaging and art work.  This record was produced, recorded and engineered at the Cave by Angelo J Rossi, mixed by Kid Andersen.  You’re gonna love it!

Lilan Kane and her AKG “Tube”…having fun with old school tools!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to work with Ms. Lilan Kane and two of her colleagues, fellow vocalist’s who came in to sing some BG’s on a cover of a Candi Staton tune called, “Evidence”.  Besides having a great sense of who she is, Lilan has soul and can back it up.  I have the pleasure of working with many local, SF Bay Area artist’s.  But for me, this was a first.  When Lilan arrived at the studio, yesterday, she was carrying a road case that said AKG on it.  Little did I know what treasure I would find inside.   It’s day’s, no, moment’s like this that inspire me to keep the doors open at The Cave.

How many artist’s even know what a tube microphone is, let alone own one and have the trust and presence of mind to, “bring it” when they arrive to a session?  This was a first for me and it made me happy to find someone else who has as much passion and resolve so as to risk, plunk down the kind of money it takes to own this level of professional equipment and to trust me with it. 

“The Tube” C12 C12VR It sounds as pretty as it looks.  Thank’s for sharing/trusting this treasure with me for your session at the Cave, Lilan Kane!

Lilan singing the master Vox Tracks 8/19/2012