Chris Bigford and Running With Scissors Release


The Cave Recording Studio Record Label is proud to be releasing this record, “Ain’t Got Time” by Chris Bigford and The Running With Scissors Band. We are shooting for an April/June Release date.  Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to finalizing the packaging and art work.  This record was produced, recorded and engineered at the Cave by Angelo J Rossi, mixed by Kid Andersen.  You’re gonna love it!

AJ Crawdaddy Record Wrapping Up

AJ at Work/PLay

AJ at Work/PLay


AJ Crawdaddy (Angelo J Rossi) and Friends: Peter Booras, Greg Jones, Baxter Robertson, Nate Ginsberg, Endre Tarczy and Kevin Greenwood have just about finished their debut CD for release in June. Stay tuned for more on the release and for some sneak previews.


Photo by Tina Abbaszadeh