Equipment Listing (Partial)

Gamble Console w/Christmas Lights

Software ~ ProTools 10

Hardware Devices

Mic Pre’s ~ Gamble Console, Altec 250 SU Console, Telefunken V-72, DBX Dual 386

Limiting ~ Urei 1178, Compression ~ dbx 160x, Joe Meek SC 2.2

Microphones ~ Sure SM7, M Jolly moded Octava, M-Audio Sputnik, AKG 414, Sure KSM, Sennheiser 421, Electro Voice RE 20, Telefunken M 280, assorted Sennheiser 409’s vintage and new, Assorted SM 58 Beta and SM 57, Sure Condenser,


Baldwin 6′ Grand Piano, Hammond M Class and B Series “Tone Wheel’ Organs, Two Leslie’s.  Assortment of guitars, Fender, Gibson,

Drums, Gretsch, D’Amico and Yamaha

Fender Jazz bass, 5 String Washburn

Headphone System ~ Hear Back individual Mix stations, AKG Open Back headphones.

PA Systems rented and full range sound and audio reinforcement, Meyer, Harbinger, Gamble Consoles, AVID Consoles.  Power Distro. Cables, Wire, Mic Stands. rented as well.

Recording interface is a Digidesign BL modded 002.  Supports 18 tracks simultaneous recording.

This is a partial list.  Access to more exotic and vintage microphones upon request.  Must be arranged prior to session.