I have been fortunate and very active in attracting top tier talent to come use the Cave for their projects.  Some great folks have recorded here and with great results ~

Ryan McDermott

Bruce Conte

Chester Thompson

Les Falconer

Mic Gillette

Tom Politzer

Nate Ginsberg

Guy Williamson

Ralph Perucci & Alien Cowboys

Larry Pollard and Scary Larry and the Monsters

Brett Brown

Paula Harris

Tom Poole

Simon Govan Smith and the Feral Moon Band

Peter Booras

Greg Jones

Paul “Hurriah” Smith

Father President

Angelo J Rossi

Ryan McDermott

David “Doc” Robinson

Rachel Lillian

Velvet Plum

Lilan Kane

Hey Rogue

Chris Bigford

Dolly Rappaport

 Terry Hiatt

Steve Freund

BigCat ToleFree

Amy Lou’s Blues

Terrie Odabi

AJ Crawdaddy

The Lucky Losers

Pat Wilder Band

Ladee Chico

John Trudell

Lane Pianta and Z-Sides

Ron E. Beck

Dr. Willian Perry


Ron E. Beck

Jake Nielsen

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