Where ya’ at? I’m still here, doing it, gettin’ after it, followin’ my bliss, but, It takes a village so I’m all in!! All those poor children in Uvalde, TX, gunned down in cold blood?? And what about those innocent shoppers (POC) in Buffalo, slaughtered with assault rifles? Amerikkka has some really fcuked up citizens!! Gun culture, the NRA all of the second amendment ammo sexuals, they can all just fuck the hell off!! And while we’re at it, we’re gonna need to vote the GOP out of office, forever, starting immediately!! If we don’t, women’s rights will suffer, racism will be validated and corruption by Amerikkkan Oligarchs (1%) will reign supreme, destroying democracy as we know it and ushering in Fascism. At the moment, the world is spinnin’ off its axis, it’s rough and tumble out on the street, the divide between the haves and have nots is gettin’ wider and “We the people” is becoming a joke!! It would appear that justice protects the well to do and prey’s on the indigent. I truly hope that we compassionate and progressive humans can keep the world spinnin’ on its axis. There are some actual mofo’s out there talkin’ about surviving nukes!! What utter insanity has been ushered into our lives by Putin and his corrupt gang of Fascist Oligarchs?? What chaos and hate can the GOP get away with before something gives?? Make sure you Vote Blue in 22 no matter who!! SLAVA UKRAINE!!