About Angelo J

Angelo J Rossi, aka “AJ Crawdaddy” is an American Guitarist and owner, operator of The Cave Recording Studio and Record Label. Born in Palo Alto, California and a long time Bay Area performing artist he is most well known for his work with the popular Marin based pop group, Pablo Cruise which charted multi-platinum albums, A Place In The Sun and Worlds Away producing hits like, A Place In The Sun, Love Will Find A Way, Watcha Gonna Do (When She Says Goodbye), Rio and Cool Love. He is a BMI published writer, A voting member of N.A.R.A.S. (Grammy) he also owns and operates the Cave Recording Studio, recording, producing and working with many local Blues artists, Bruce Conte (TOP), Terry Hiatt, Steve Freund, Paula Harris, Terrie Odabi, Bob O’Neill, and many others. He has also worked with notable musical luminaries in his vibrant career, Flora Purim, Airto, Jaco Pastorius, Huey Lewis, David Garibaldi, Kid Andersen and legendary record producers Tom Dowd, Bill Schnee and Jim Gains. His love of music performance is infectious and his presentation of the Blues genre is authentic, energetic and fun for the listener!

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Indie Blues Nominations (3) for AJ Crawdaddy 2021 announced!

CONGRATULATIONS AJ Crawdaddy and Cave Records!
You have been nominated for the Independent Blues Awards in the categories of:
Best Blues Rock Band
Best Blues Rock CD
Best Blues Rock Song – Big Hurt

The Voting will begin on May 1 2021 and will continue until Aug 31 2021. After which the winners will be announced on Sept 15 2021.

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