It’s a New Year ~ Off to a great start!


Aj @ The Cave 2015

Aj @ The Cave 2015


So far the Cave has been hopping!  Lot’s of folks gettin’ their groove on.  Not naming names, but I am very thankful for those who trust me to help them make their music available for all to hear.  It’s a huge responsibility, and huge investment in time and money and I do not take that responsibility lightly.  Come tour the Cave and check it out.  This is the year!  Making it happen!

Lucky Losers rockin’ The Cave!

Lucky Losers

Great group of musicians.  Cathy Lemons is one of my hero’s.  She never gives up, always focused on her art and not afraid to succeed. Tenacious and patient.  She’s a bright light, a beacon of the Blues.  The band is tight and professional.  We had fun!  You should come have fun too!  Making records is the future!  Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.  The Lucky Losers rawk!  Peace out y’all!